Cold Brewed Coffee: Served Hot

[Welcome to this month’s Cold Brewed Coffee Series! If you missed the first post on making your own cold brew concentrate, you can find it here.]

I feel a bit silly even posting this as a recipe because it’s so easy and so short, but as something I make almost every day I definitely want to share it with all of you. For me, I love starting the day with a hot beverage and even in the heat of summer I nearly always have a hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning.

Because of this, the main reason it took me so long to board the cold brew train is because I am much less inclined to drink cold coffee, especially first thing in the morning. Realistically it’s all about the ritual; I could likely start with a plain cup of hot water and be almost as happy. Almost.

One benefit to drinking my own cold brew is that it’s one of the few times I prefer coffee black. I managed to wean myself off of sweetened coffee quite awhile ago, but ditching the splash of cream has proven more challenging. I still like it in most drip coffee (especially at restaurants), but at home I enjoy this cold brewed coffee in it’s unadorned state.

So since coffee is delicious and cold brewed coffee is even better, here’s how I make my concentrate into a piping hot beverage each morning. Hope you enjoy it!

PS – I also use this for my bulletproof coffee2 on running days, simply add a bulletproof pod, blend it up, and you’re all set! Optionally add a scoop of protein powder for a nice boost for those tough morning workouts.

Cold Brewed Coffee: Served Hot

Makes 10-12 oz


2-3 oz cold brew concentrate
7-10 oz boiling water1


  1. Pour cold brew concentrate into a mug, then stream in boiling water.
  2. Optionally supplement with your preferred garnishes (sugar, cream, etc).
  3. Enjoy!


I nearly always do 2 oz concentrate to 8 oz boiling water, mostly because my favorite mugs are 10 oz, but this will depend on how long you let yours brew and how strong you like your coffee.

For the bulletproof version I like a little stronger coffee so I typically do the following: 1 pod, 3 oz coffee,  and 9 oz boiling water. Blend for 5-10 seconds or until frothy. Sometimes I add 1/2 -1 scoop of protein powder as well if I’m heading out for a longer or tougher workout. (Be careful though, some powders froth more excessively than others and might overwhelm a personal-sized blender cup.)

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